Hang Out with Tim Topham


Tim Topham doesn't think small. He's determined to start a movement. A movement that includes

progressive, dedicated, motivated, entrepreneurial and forward-thinking piano teachers.

Those words come directly from Tim. They pack even more punch when you hear him say the description himself and now you can.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Tim Topham via Google Hangouts (see video below.) Tim is a fellow blogger who has developed something far beyond the typical blog site. As you might guess, he's far beyond your typical piano teacher.

Tim and I have been friends for years thanks to our mutual affinity towards tech tools to enhance creative piano teaching. You'll hear how Tim uses MusiClock to open a lesson and how he uses Garage Band to "save" a lesson. And, there's more.

Keep listening and you'll learn all about Tim's newly formed Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is a cyber gathering place he diligently created for the type of teachers listed above. As I'm still getting acquainted with the Inner Circle myself, I thought it'd be great to learn the full scoop and share it with you.

The Inner Circle

  • Why Tim started this special communityYouve-Found-Your-Tribe
  • How the community works
  • What it includes
    • Forums and discussions
    • Challenges for teachers
    • Resources galore including Tim's popular Piano Flix
    • Videos of Tim teaching and giving presentations
    • Master Minds: monthly meet ups where you can hear fellow teachers share their ideas.

A generous gift from Tim

All 88pianokeys.me readers are offered a free 7-day trial for the Inner Circle.

Follow this link and enter the code: LEILA88KEYS

In the video Tim gives a few more tips about how to access your free trial and how it works.

Learn how to teach pop music from Tim

Video for sale

If you didn't get a chance to hear Tim talk about how he teaches pop music--I call him the King of Teaching Pop--make sure to order Top Pop Tips here. This was the first 88 Creative Keys Webinar. Along with Tim's presentation, Bradley Sowash shows how to play pop music and I explain how pop music can inspire composing.

It was extremely well attended and we are pleased to share the edited video with those who missed it!

Back to my opening sentence...

In my hangout with Tim, it's evident that he hasn't just started a movement, he's ahead of the pack of many like-minded teachers. He leads the way with his podcasts featuring world-renowned industry leaders, tech-savvy and creative-based resources and his passion to make a difference in the world of piano teaching.

You'll learn why he travelled across the globe to attend the MTNA 2016 Conference in Texas this past April. You'll never guess what Tim couldn't find in San Antonio!

You'll be privy to Tim's plans--BIG plans--for the future. I'm thinking there may be a trip to Australia in my future to see what he's got cooking. Wanna come with? You heard it here first, folks.

Lastly, don't miss the first part of the interview when you learn what Tim was up to the night before. It's in good taste, I promise!

Scroll down to the video and hang out with Tim Topham.

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Note: Begin at minute two (2:00) on the video to avoid my rocky attempts at starting my first Google Hangout Broadcast. Or, if it makes you feel better to see what it looks like when a supposedly savvy teacher crashes and burns, watch the first two minutes as you watch me stay calm and collected as things aren't going as planned. :-)


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