Solemnity Studio License

Solemnity Studio License


A contemporary and profound piano solo arrangement of Beethoven’s “Allegretto,” a movement from his 7th Symphony.

TWO editions, second includes chord symbols!

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I was reminded of this pensive movement a while back when watching the movieThe King’s Speech. The music powerfully sets the scene when King George VI, played by Collin Firth, awaits the delivery of his speech announcing that Great Britain would be joining World War II. The repetitive melody and soulful counter melody made such an impact on me that I wanted to play it myself. After months of doodling with it, my abridged interpretation has been completed.

Over a year ago, I knew I wanted a cover image to fit the pensive mood of the piece, and decided upon a photo of a window painted with raindrops taken by my mom, Joanne Alberda.  It reminds me of one of those days filled with resolve to get through whatever the tasks and trials that lie ahead. Sometimes words just can’t express the determination and dedication of resolution. Music and images speak when words can’t.

Solemnity is an arrangement “owed” to Beethoven and dedicated to all those resolved to get through a day, a month, a year,—a storm—that is anything but sunny.

When a “feel-good” tune just doesn’t seem right, Solemnity will.


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