How to Make Ornaments with old CD's and Sheet Music


What you'll need

  • CD-ROMs. As many as you can find.

  • Old sheet music. Never say "no" to anyone who wants to give their old books to you. The yellowed paper is perfect for all kinds of crafts including this one.

  • Mod Podge. Get the bigger container, I had to run back to Hobby Lobby for another.

  • Sponge brushes

  • Ribbon. Figure about 15 ft of ribbon for every 10 ornaments.

  • Stickers if you like. In keeping with the neutral theme, I choose gold and silver stars, notes and music signs.

  • Gems. These definitely add some bling!

  • Glitter. Again, I just chose silver and gold in the large glitter so that it was easy to sweep up. Watch out, kids seem to get carried away with the glitter!


  1. On the back side, add a greeting of your choice.

  2. Turn over and cover the front side with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

  3. Cover the front with torn up sheet music. No worries, if it sticks over the edge. Trim the edges with a scissors when the ornaments are dry.

  4. Add stickers. Remember to add stickers sparingly to make room for other decor like glitter and gems.

  5. Mod Podge over this layer by dabbing it on with the brush.

  6. Add glitter and gems.

  7. Mod Podge over this layer by dabbing the brush.

  8. Let dry.

  9. Trim edges with scissors.

  10. Add ribbon.

  11. Enjoy!

Take a peek at the slide show below to see what each stage looks like.