Room for Improvement

 Thanks to an adult piano student who is also a general contractor, I am looking forward to transforming my studio!

Although I have few complaints on the present set-up, there is always room for improvement.

Do you have a wish list for your studio? Would love to hear your ideas. I plan to keep a journal of the remodeling process. Here are pics of how the studio currently appears.

Things I Won't Miss:

1) The Oat Straw Paint--loved it for years, but it is time.

2) The fluorescent lights--they collect flies and bugs all year long, and when students are looking up at me (and up my nose) they are commenting on the bugs in my lights.

3) Carpet seems to collect "koodies". It is time for it to go.

4) Although my dad worked really hard on assembling a beautiful computer hutch, desk, filing cabinet, and built in shelves, they take up so much space.

5) The floor slants so chairs with wheels always seem to roll to the south.

Stay tuned!