Need more reasons to purchase an iPad?

Below is part of  the 2nd of 4 articles featuring a Starter Kit of iPad apps for you and your studio. If you are still on the fence, keep reading as each article provides even more reasons why you may NEED to attain an iPad. Remember, iPad 2's are still available and quite affordable.

iPad 102: A Starter Kit of Apps for Your Studio

"The app world is overwhelming to say the very least. Where to begin can be troublesome, so below is my attempt to wade through the apps I own and whittle down an organized list of the essentials beyond the built-ins as listed in the first article. Please remember, this list is generated from my experience and not necessarily from my expertise.

Where’s the App Store?

Your iPad will have an icon labelled “App Store”. Just click on that and you can begin shopping. It’s easiest to type in the name of the app you want to buy, however, there is an option to search for types of apps as well. The App Store is part of the iTunes Store and to purchase from either you will need an Apple ID.

The “Starter Kit” below contains apps for various functions and are labelled accordingly. Also, the title of each app is hyper linked directing you to a site providing an in-depth description of the app and a link to download the app."

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