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We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That is truer today than ever before. The fastest growing social media channels are visually based, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or even LinkedIn. Statistics show that people get distracted in an average of 8 seconds. They also say that 81% of educated people skim content online instead of reading, and people only remember reading 20% of text without visuals.

Visuals, unlike the written word, engage us at once, and have the ability to convey emotion and hold our attention.

As we’ve seen with our students, it can be hard to focus them and hold their attention for very long. As you’ve seen with their parents, they often don’t read more than the first few lines of an email we send them.

So, if you’re looking to engage your audience quickly and efficiently, the best way is with a great visual. If you want your post shared, the best way is with a compelling graphic.

When I want to...

  • Congratulate my students on a job well done

  • Recruit new students to my studio

  • Share news of an upcoming summer camp

  • Engage my piano community...

I create a memorable graphic and post it with a message to all my social media sites. Parents always hit the like button, many add comments, and it often starts conversations. The result is increased awareness of my studio and my message – which is always a good thing!

Below is an example of a Social Media design that was edited in a free iOS app called Pic Collage.

Pixer is a similar app for Android devices.

-Andrea West

Edited Social Media Graphic

Edited Social Media Graphic


Check out some of the dynamic and original Social Media Graphic Designs below.

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