DIY Recital Program Templates


Why design your own recital program?

Once you purchase a cool graphic that suits your taste for your recital program (check out all of Andrea West's designs here), create your own recital program template exactly the way you want it.

In addition, use the same graphic for promotions, invitations, book bags, customized gifts for your students, you name it.

Get more ideas here.

Why create your own template? Because...

#1 You have the freedom to design and customize a program that suits your preferences.

#2 You make an easily modified template that you can use from year to year.

Both Andrea and I give you some extra special tips in the brief videos below. Our videos have been divided into separate subjects so that you can easily access the topic you want to watch and re watch it as many times as you need.

Not only will you learn how to use Pages or Word (whatever your preference) to design your program, you'll get some terrific ideas to extend the use of your program!

#1 It's a wonderful marketing tool for your summer lessons and camps.

#2 It serves as a delivery for method for sharing special thoughts about students.

#3 It engages your audience! Did you know that coloring and doodling can help to focus listeners?

Before you watch the videos...

Grab your favorite graphic here.

Get your coloring pages here

Get your Bucket Drumming resource here so you can announce your summer plans on your program!

Get your Student Praise Phrases here.

Here's a few samples of the graphics designed by Andrea West.


How to Create a Recital Program in Pages

with Leila Viss

For the record, I do not claim to be a Pages expert. I share what works for me. Also, sorry that my picture is covering the top of the Format column. That was something I could not control!

Part 1: Front and Back Cover

Part 2: Inside the program

Part 3: Back cover as a marketing tool

How to Create a Recital Program in Word

with Andrea West

Part 1: Front cover

Part 2: Inside of the program

Part 3: Add student "Praise Phrases" and call it "Meet the Musicians"

Don't forget to get your graphics here.

Here's to empowering your skills at the computer and as a program designer!

Best wishes for your recitals,