A Value Pack of iPad Music Apps

Wendy Stevens of ComposeCreate.com invited me to write some posts about the iPad. Tablets are  here to stay and the iPad is more than just a luxury, it is a fabulous, educational tool (and so much more!). Recently published is the 3rd of 4 articles featuring a VALUE pack of iPad apps for you and your studio. If you are thinking about purchasing an iPad, this article provides even more reasons why you may NEED one. Remember, iPad 2's are still available and quite affordable. Past Articles:

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iPad 103: A Value Pack of Apps for Your Studio (and Lab!)

an excerpt...

"If your students arrive for a lesson but stay for lab time as mine do, the iPad has made life SO easy!  Instead of waiting for software to load, with one click and a swipe or two, students can begin drilling note names, ear training exercises, virtually any type of lab activity. If you have been on the fence about adding lab time to your lessons, the acquisition of an iPad could change your mind. Even if you choose not to hold a lab, below is a collection of apps worth owning for your waiting room or could serve as suggestions for parents to purchase for their pianists.

There are many apps (really too many) from which to choose. In my book or “in my iPad”, to be more precise, an educational music app gets my attention if it meets these criteria:

  1. intuitive–it must be easy for anyone to navigate
  2. objectives are clearly presented
  3. isolation of concepts with appropriate sequencing
  4. immediate feedback for mastery
  5. well-organized with appropriate labels


It seems note reading apps were some of the first to appear and still are some of my favorite because note recognition takes repetition. These iPad apps definitely spice up the normal flash card routine.

Music Flash Class‘s versatility sets it apart. Various “decks” of note names are built-in but teachers can customize their own. Generous feedback is provided and each session is timed. This app is one to consider first when looking for note name apps. It appears that the Version 1.1 offers even more flash card drills beyond pitch names. Definitely worth the investment!

Price $3.99

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