Room For Improvement--Moving Forward

When it was decided to remodel my piano studio, I prepared myself for the unexpected. Here's the list so far:

1) The painters were instructed to paint but used the white ceiling paint for the entire room. It actually turned out to be great primer for the walls.

2) The painters then were instructed to use the correct color and ended up painting much of the trim blue as well as the walls. The paint is being corrected.

3) A major change in weather--from 80's and sunshine to 40's and snow--kept the mud jacker from coming on the scheduled day which backed up laying the floor which backed up....

4) I decided that it was a shame to ignore the bathroom so it got some needed attention as well.

5) As the garage floor collected demolition stuff, the cars were left outside on the driveway. We have had tremendous winds this spring but our property has remained in tact. However, wouldn't you know, Sunday night the winds descended and one particular gust managed to blow over the basketball hoop and sent it slamming into the Saturn Outlook. Amazingly, it did not break the windshield but did cause some cosmetic damage--close to a $1,000's worth. Still makes me mad when I think about it--I really hate bad luck! However, recent wild fires destroyed homes and took lives not far from here. We have nothing to complain about.