A Poem and Music Selections from This Sunday

"No cross, no crown; no loss, no gain; They, too, must suffer who would reign. He best can part with life without a sigh, Whose daily living is to daily die. Youth pleads for age, age pleads for rest, Who pleads for heaven will plead the best."


This morning at our worship services, Kelby, a wonderful pastor (I could go on and on but...) designed a prayer around this poem by Charles Spurgeon. This poem is one to revisit regularly, perhaps even memorize?  I did not want it to slip my mind so decided to write a post. Since I'm here, I might as well share some of the pieces I played this morning. Some tried and true and also new favorites.

"Rock of Ages" arranged by Heather Sorenson stays at the top of my list of all-time favorites. Can't think of a more appealing arrangement of this old hymn. Since our congregation sings it regularly, I'm always looking for something unique. All the pieces of Trusting are very pleasing, just be ready to practice some. I'm a huge fan of Sorenson, you may be as well? I own most, if not all her books. Check out Sacred Nocturnes--definitely a keeper.

I recently picked up a new book called More Than Enough by Lloyd Larson which includes very tasteful medley's of worship songs and hymns. Today I played "In Christ Alone" which included "Solid Rock". "How Deep the Father's Love" with a touch of "And Can it Be" received thumbs up  from the congregation a couple of weeks ago. Always happy to find a fresh mix of new with some old.

As an organist, I'm thrilled when I find a new book or composer that writes upbeat, rhythmic  and accessible arrangements. Joyful, Joyful by Albert Travis is just that. Today, "Joyful, Joyful" was the postlude, a great way to send the congregation on their way. I know each of the pieces in this book will be played, with pleasure. Looking forward to seeing more "hits" from Travis. Check out John Hutchinson playing "Joyful Joyful".


Please let me know if you have favorite sacred piano or organ books, composers. My collection never stops growing!