September Quote of the Month

As I consider myself a rookie blogger and since it is quite tricky to attract the attention of readers in the vast "blogosphere", I am approaching a milestone worth celebrating. It appears that I have 5 to go before my facebook page receives 88 Likes! When I asked my small but loyal fan base what I should do to honor this occasion, one suggested 88 bites of chocolate as she KNOWS chocolate (the darker the better) is one of my weaknesses. (Yes, there are others, Sauvignon Blanc being another). So, thank you to those who find some of my blogs and FB "thoughts" worth your time.  In honor of my 88th Like, please join with me in delving into your favorite chocolate bar and make sure to savor all 88 bites and throw "strength" to the wind! (see quote below).

"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar

into four pieces with your bare hands -

and then eat just one of the pieces.” 

― Judith Viorst