Come Hail or High Water

It's not how you react (with emotion) but how you respond (with action). Included in a fine graduation speech heard recently, these words carry notable weight for me this evening.

Last night the southern part of Denver received torrential rains and substantial hail. If you recall my blog entitled "Mistakes are Information" you think we should have been prepared for extra rain as some had seeped into my studio in the past. Well...last evening's storm was unusually heavy. This morning I woke up to a recently-remodeled studio with wet floors. Of course, reaction came first--one of shock and frustration and then the first response was a call to my piano student who remodeled the studio this past March.

The negatives of this unfortunate series of events are obvious, there is no need to review them. After "soaking" in reality, here's my response:

1) It is expected that something strange will happen when my husband travels out of town--a guarantee!  Thankfully, his flight landed--despite some major turbulence--and he was home with me to wade through the situation.

2) My student, the contractor, immediately took action and made sure the wood floor was removed ASAP to dry. It now continues to

"recover" in the garage. All looks good and it appears it can be "popped" back into place once all is dry.

3) Besides the floor, the pianos, computers, and books remained dry.

4) So many more neighborhoods sustained much more severe damage. Thinking the garden will recover, however, I morn the loss of cilantro.

5) As I finished taking pictures, this final photo of the lovely orchid reminded me of one more positive. The beautiful plant was a gift from a mom of a student who recently sustained countless rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and thankfully lives cancer-free. My health is fine, my husband is home and cooking again (yes, I'm spoiled). Even though the hail and high water paid an unexpected visit, the studio will recover and in the meantime lessons will be taught upstairs in the hot and much drier living room.

Hail and high water, really not a fan of don't "come" anymore, please! Lesson learned.