Keyboard Music for Lenten and Easter

DSC02144 As I hold a church organist/pianist/accompanist position at South Suburban Christian Church in Littleton, CO, this time of year is always busy. Since there's a great deal of music to prepare, it's important to me to find selections that I like--then I practice more  (just like my students). I know it's too late for you this year, but order these now for next year. None of these are that new, just tried and true.

Here's a few of my Piano favorites I played this Lenten/Easter season:

Rock of Ages by Craig Curry (Rockin')

Here's me practicing the morning of, sorry the camera kept slipping downward but it gives you a good idea of the piece.

Reflections on the Cross by Heather Sorenson (Debussy-like)

I Surrender All by Heather Sorenson (Pretty)

Lift High the Cross by Larry Shackley (Festive) --Sheet Music Plus has 20% off all Hope Publishing books!


And Organ favorites:

Meditation on Redhead by Paul Taylor (Powerful)

Crown Him with Many Crowns  arranged by Michael Burkhardt (Regal)

Christ the Lord is Risen Today arranged by Rober Hobby (Peppy)

Every time I practice, it's in the morning before anyone arrives at church which means I'm donned in workout clothes, nothing anywhere close to church attire. Some day I'll get may act together and dress for the occasion.

It would be wonderful to hear of your favorite selections for this season. Please leave a comment listing the title and composer so we all can add them to our repertoire list. Or perhaps you have a video to share?

Happy Easter--He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!