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Linda K Perhaps I'm posting this as a reminder to myself of what's going on at 88pianokeys.me? Also, I just want to make sure I keep you all up to date on the latest.  (Why does making a list provide such a powerful cleansing feeling?)

So, here's the scoop:

EasyScales Giveaway

Just in case you missed it, I wrote an article about how I use this handy tool created by Jo Tee. She generously provided three EasyScale guides for me to give away to readers. Three winners will be randomly chosen from those who leave a comment and have added their names to my mailing list by March 29th. Click here to read the post and sign up now for your chance to win.

Online Book Club featuring Philip Johnston's The Dynamic Studio: How to Keep Students, Dazzle Parents and Build the Music Studio that Everyone Wants to Get Into.

Many have asked how to become a "member" of this unique online book club at 88pianokeys.me. There really are no rules or regulations; however, I did have fun creating some just for fun. My first post will be published next week and I'm hoping for some interesting dialog. Read more about it here.

FYI: I have two copies of The Dynamic Studio available for purchase for $20. The offer is good for those who are willing to sign up for my newsletter. Please get in touch with me at lviss@me.com for shipping details.

88 Creative Keys Camp, Workshop and Clinics

As Bradley Sowash and I worked on the MTNA Jazz/Pop track (here are the handouts)  it became apparent we worked well together. We also felt the need to further the cause of creativity at the keys. So we choose to step out and create the 88 Creative Keys Camp, Clinics and Workshop, here in Colorado. Here's our invitation to you and your students to join us this summer:

"Eye players read music; Ear players improvise. To broaden their musical creativity and stylistic range, contemporary musicians need instruction in both.  Yet, many traditionally trained pianists and teachers feel uncomfortable improvising. That’s why friends and colleagues, Bradley Sowash and Leila Viss, are offering the 88 Creative Keys student camp, adult clinics and teacher workshop this summer in Denver, CO. 

Learn more and register: http://88creativekeys.com Learn more about Bradley Sowash: http://bradleysowash.com  This summer, learn to balance the reading skills you already teach with creative improvisation so you and your students can enjoy making music in a variety of styles and settings without limitation."

Leila688CreativeKeys.com welcomes a new contributor!

While at MTNA, it was a privilege to work with Bradley Sowash, Barbara Kreader, Scott Houston, Kristin Yost, Mari Ahern, Deborah How, Lauren Thompson and Forrest Kinney. Forrest expressed an interest in writing a blog and of course, I jumped at the chance to feature his knowledgable insight at 88CreativeKeys.com--a companion blog to 88pianokeys.me. Read his opinion of the Anderson and Roe concert at MTNA--fascinating! Thank you, Forrest.

The Eye/Ear Revolution

It was apparent at the MTNA conference that the Queen Mary has shifted course. In other words, more and more teachers are getting on board with the need to integrate off-the-page instruction within weekly lessons. Here's Bradley's take on it.

Upcoming Posts at 88PianoKeys.me:

  • An explanation of a crazy paper plate dance and my obsession with "Heart and Soul" as learning tools.
  • A favorite new app that encourages timely rhythmic skills with a cool twist.
  • A long overdue answer to Leia's question: "How Do You Choose Repertoire for Your Students"

MTNA Conference

What a fabulous time I had at MTNA in Disneyland.  It did get me thinking about what makes a conference "successful". What does, in your opinion? Of all the conferences you've attended, do you remember a particular session that stood out above the rest? Why? Are conferences more about networking or learning or accumulating new products or location...? What would be the "ideal" session or conference? If you have not attended conferences before but would like to, what would you expect to gain? I'd love to hear your opinions, thoughts, feedback... please share in the comment section.

Ok, that's it for now.