What's this Wolfie Piano App all about? Find out Sept 9th!


Ever wonder what the reality of piano lessons will look like in the future? I believe the f7c6e2807cd31a9ad5155e46706048adWolfie Piano iPad App developed by Tonara gives you a clear picture. At the Wolfie exhibit booth at NCKP 2015, I played a Clementi sonatina on an acoustic piano (MIDI and cables were NOT required) and read the score from the iPad. Wolfie listened to my playing, turned my pages as I progressed through the piece and after I finished, gave me feedback on my timing and pitch reading accuracy. Isn't that what we as teachers do at a lesson and wish our students had to assist them during their home practice?

Loaded with repertoire of all styles, Wolfie is designed to be YOUR ears so that your students stay on track and progress between lessons. I've just touched on a couple of the app's intuitive features. The brilliance of this technology paired with your expert guidance is today's reality.

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Yes, I made some pretty strong statements about a state-of-the-art app and I've only gotten my feet wet with11893767_10206120991276426_8363255943240400934_o it. I hope to dive into the app more regularly in my studio. Just like any tool of this magnitude, there's a learning curve involved. That's why I'm planning to attend the First Steps with Wolfie webinar on Wednesday, September 9th at 10:00am Mountain/11:00am Central, hosted by my friend, colleague and fellow iPad piano teacher, Nathan Smith.  Click here to visit Wolfie's Facebook event page for more info or to register.

Hope to see you there. -Leila

Watch this clip for a quick peek at how Wolfie works.



I'm an independent teacher in Boulder, Colorado.  I'm also on the Tonara team, helping to develop the iPad app "Wolfie."  In a nutshell, it's a practice toolbox for students and teachers with thousands of scores and several powerful ways to help them practice away from the lesson.
-Nathan Smith