What are You Getting your iPad for Christmas?

Wow, did my iPad score some great gifts! I'm a huge fan of accessories and it turns out, so is my iPad. Here's 8 (in honor of 88) accessories to don your iPad listed in order from the most practical to "non-essential must-haves." 1) The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of AppsiPad Revolution-Book-Comp-4 2

When all else fails, read the instructions. Most of us would rather not and just dive in, but once you have made your iPad purchase and intend to integrate this remarkable device into your teaching, you may appreciate some guidance. So, I am unashamedly informing you that this book should be on your Christmas list if it isn't already. Don't believe me? Here's what people are saying:

"I'm not given to gushing, but your book is completely gushable! As a new iPad owner, I'm digesting the book slowly and enjoying every practical hint offered with your voice of experience and in accessible language.  -Karen Koch, Music Educator's Marketplace

"This well researched volume is written in a language that is not going to numb your brain but on a contrary, it will leave you satisfied with the answers!" -Elena Cobb, Higgledy Piggledy Jazz

"In this digital age, I was really pleased to see that Viss has created online resources to keep the information in her book current. " -Tim Topham,  timtopham.com

Purchase your copy Here and save! Use this code: SAVE20IPADB and receive a 20% discount off the book. (Note: the code includes the letter "I" and not a number "1".)

BONUS: I've received a limited number of FREE CODES for Anytune Pro and iReal b Pro. These power tool apps are featured in The iPad Piano Studio and should be part of your basic app library. Those who purchase the book AND Like my Facebook page will be eligible for winning a code. AND if you already purchased my book, please Like my Facebook page and you will be eligible as well. This offer ends Saturday, December 21st, 2013.

2) Headphones


If you intend for students to work on your iPad while you are teaching another student in the same room, it's good to have a pair of headphones that covers the ears completely. Something similar to this pair on the right would do.

Purchase Here

3) Case and Keyboard 

Nothing's more important than protecting your thin, slippery and beloved device so make sure toB00EZ9XGGC_KBFolio-m1_MarsRedOrange_BTY3_4in_lg purchase a case ASAP.  As I am partial to using a keyboard with my iPad, and since I just purchased a new 128 iPad Air (hooray!) I recently bought the Logictech Ultathin Keyboard Case. I have a ClamCase for my iPad 3 which I thoroughly enjoy although it is a little heavy.

Purchase your Logictech Keyboard Case Here at Best Buy. Hurry, at the time of this post, they are on sale!

Or, if you care to wait, the highly recommended ClamCase for the iPad Air will be out in January.

4) Stylus51bVc-QrLzL._SL1500_

These pens for your iPad feature a soft side for taping and swiping the iPad screen.  I purchased dozens of inexpensive ones so they are always available for student use. These break easily so it's good to have a supply on hand. I did, however, splurge on a stylus that came highly recommended when using Notate Me--the brand new app that turns your scribbles on an iPad screen into notation on the grand staff.

Purchase Here

5) Snowball Mic

A USB microphone has been on my wish list for quite some time. After it arrived in the 2-Snowball-USB-micmail it's been a love affair ever since mainly because I've used it to create instructional videos and it works like a charm. Stay tuned for a highly creative way I used the mic and the Garage Band app. A post coming soon, I promise.

Purchase here

6) Camera Connection Kit, USB Cable, Lightening Adaptor...lightning_adapters

My one gripe about the iPad is the fact that  it is quite high maintenance when it comes to connecting it to anything but a computer.  In addition, these adaptors and cables are not inexpensive. The reason I include them here is that you will want to reap the benefits of connecting your iPad to various devices such as an HDTV, a projector, and even an instrument that features MIDI (musical instrument digital interface). This can be a wonderful option for power tool apps such as Home Concert Xtreme.  Never fear, tech guru George Litterst is here for us and his blog serves as  a terrific resource for what you will need for your iDevice.  

Learn More Here

7) Portable Blue Tooth Speaker

Although I connect my iPad to my Clavinova with an RCA cable for a terrific sound system, many do61YjnS414fL._SL1500_ not have this set up. As I assign students to use iReal b and Anytune and other power apps, they often wish they had speakers instead of just head phones. Recently someone suggested Divoom speakers and I fell in love with their look immediately.  My purple Bluetune Pop speaker just arrived and I'm impressed with its rich, full sound and of course its adorable look.

Purchase Here

8) Hand Bagphoto 2

Essential no, but this Sherpani bag is absolutely perfect for storing your iPad on the go. I stumbled upon mine on a clearance table at REI here in Denver but found them on-line as well .

Purchase Here


Don't forget! Those who purchase (or have purchased) my top pick, The iPad Piano Studio, (and Like my Facebook Page) are in line to receive a free code for either Anytune or iReal b which are both featured as POWER TOOL APPS in my book.

HURRY, the offer ends December 21st and winners will be announced on the 22nd.  Order your copy now just in time for Christmas!

Thank you for your readership and support :-)

Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season.