Effective Teaching with your Favorite Apps

Is this you?

  • You teach piano or other musical instruments.logo
  • You are attracted to integrating technology into your teaching.
  • You jumped on the iPad bandwagon and purchased one along with a stunning case.
  • You mastered your Apple ID and password thanks to all the apps you downloaded.

BUT NOW... you are suffering from "approach avoidance" syndrome--in other words

  • You are wandering aimlessly from app to app in search of the perfect ones to suit your needs.
  • You find yourself neglecting your fancy iToy because it just seems overwhelming.

No worries, help is on its way!

Help has been around here at 88pianokeys.me for a while . How?

Have you been using your free subscription to Piano Mania?

Although 88pianokeys.me and The iPad Piano Studio may be a landing place for help with integrating apps into your teaching, there are other routes to learning more. I'm happy to share one coming up this Tuesday, March 11th, featuring piano teacher David Love.

Love credits much of his success in teaching to an open mind towards innovative technology and adherence to proven teaching principles. With 2014 devoted to a study in piano pedagogy and specifically the use of the iPad, he offers a new fresh approach to teaching that keeps students captivated and parents delighted.

Love will be hosting a webinar called The iPad Piano Teacher: Effective Teaching with Your Favorite Apps on Tuesday, March 11th at 11:00am MTD.


The gist? Any piano teacher can turn on the iPad, hand it to a student, and say, "Go!" While this can make lessons more interesting, teachers will see greater results when they apply the proven Direct Instruction model elementary teachers across the country use daily, to their favorite iPad apps.

Webinar attendees will not only be exposed to fun, fresh apps to use in their teaching studios, but will learn how to use them best, to maximize the student's retention of concepts taught.

If this has caught your attention, then make plans to attend especially because the cost for the event is NOTHING thanks to JoyTunes, Ltd.

Hurry and sign up here as space is limited.

I can't wait to hear what David has in store

on Tuesday, March 11th!

In the meantime, if you haven't ordered your copy of my book, here's your reminder. And remember--there's more between the covers thanks to the QR (Quick Response) codes. Just scan them and you'll discover blog posts on iPad piano teachers and videos of how I use apps within my studio.

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