A Favorite App for Sight Reading

About a month ago, I posted a review about SightReadPlus, an app that provides thousands of sight reading exercises in all MAJORmzl.dsvzstko.480x480-75 five-finger patterns. Good news, the developers have just released a new version called SightReadMinor™ that features all the MINOR five-finger patterns. With a price tag of $4.99 for 2880 exercises, you can't go wrong with this addition to your studio! My favorite things about both apps:

  1. The selection of exercises is extensive and versatile.
  2. There is no need for cables as the app records the pianist at any keyboard--electric or acoustic.
  3. Immediate feedback and reinforcement are provided with a celebratory fireworks show for accurate reading.
  4. No in-app purchase is required.  I really don't like surprises.
  5. The developers claim they have carefully sequenced the exercises: "advancing from stepwise movement and basic timing patterns to more advanced intervallic reading and dotted note values." Thank you!
  6. The app tracks progress for multiple users so it can be used by many students and there is no need for record keeping on a separate score sheet.

The only drawback is that the app does not include hands-together drills, maybe someday technology will catch up to my wish list!

mzl.wcucgcqa.175x175-75More good news--Melissa Harris, of the developing team, has generously offered me two free codes for SightReadMinor. I'd be happy to give them away to two lucky readers.

To qualify for the drawing, I'm asking a favor. Please complete the contact form below and include the name of a favorite app and why you like it. I'd like to build up my Music App Directory and thought I might take advantage of some helpers. To be honest, I'm terribly nosy about people's iPads. I'm constantly looking over a shoulder to see if someone has an app that I'm missing. So, if you care to share, please let me nose in on your iPad screen. I'd appreciate it!

Thanks to a faithful reader Drema, I just learned about a new one I just added to Rhythm (and some other categories as I try to cross reference as much as possible) in my Music App Directory. Here's her explanation:

"Symphonica is a conducting game where you tap the color/type of sounds that appear to famous tunes such as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik...etc. When you first start using the app, you will need to walk through the story in order to complete the pieces and once a piece is completed, you can access it without playing the entire story again. I haven't thought of how it could be used for lessons, labs or group classes but it makes listening to and moving to the rhythm of the music fun and interactive!"

Thanks Drema, you are entered for the drawing! Does anyone else have a favorite?


Looking for ways to integrate apps like SightReadPlus, SightReadMinor and even Symhponica into your studioStay tuned as I develop lesson plans and units as part of my ongoing additions to my book , The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps. Visit the website at www.ipadpianostudio.com to pre-order.

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