10 Must-Have Apps for Your New iPad!

Did Santa deliver an iPad? If so, you'll want to get yourself The iPad Piano Studio book (details below) and your iPad all the top apps! The next couple of Frau mit Geschenk zu Weihnachtenparagraphs are packed with info which may overwhelm. Take a deep breath and remember: take it one app at a time. 

The Piano Mag--blog site of Clavier Companion--asked me to make a list of apps for the holiday season. Sounds easy, right? WRONG! Choosing 10 out of the dozens of favorites was almost impossible.

At the risk of dating myself and revealing my eclectic taste in movies, I'm feeling a little like Steve Martin's character in "The Jerk.” In case you haven't seen the movie, Martin plays a “dim-witted” poor man who finds riches and loses it all again. Upon discovering he’s lost everything, he declares, “All I need is this ashtray, this ashtray and this paddle game, this ash tray, this paddle game and this remote control, this ashtray, this…” you get the point. Just in case you want a throwback moment, I’ve included the scene below.


Why am I feeling this way? Because when asked to make a list of top apps for this year, I realized that all the apps included in last year’s list remain in the must-have column.  So consider the new list below an addendum. All I need are last years apps and…

1) Camera (free with purchase of any smart phone or iOS7-camera-icontablet)

It’s easy to forget one of the apps that I use the most—the camera. It is a terrific tool for

-Revelation: a digital mirror for reflecting hand position and technical issues

-Performance Prep: the focus required to perform for the camera simulates the pressure of recital and competition performances

-Magical moments: an easily accessed camera captures those priceless moments of fun during lessons.

Found on most smart phones and tablets

2) Pages (free with any new Apple device)

Recently, I enjoyed the opportunity to share the joys of teaching withPages the iPad on the East Coast. This was the very first trip that I did NOT bring a laptop and only brought my iPad Air in the LogicTech Keyboard case. I never missed my laptop thanks to the keyboard but also credit goes to the powerful Pages app. It creates documents that can be easily exported as PDF’s or Word docs and more. With the magic of iCloud the docs can be accessed on my laptop as well.

iOS only

3) Keynote (free with any new Apple device)

Slides for presentations and group lessons are easily created on thisKeynote_for_iOS_icon highly versatile and user-friendly app. With the proper adaptors, the iPad can reflect the slides on a HDTV or a projector. There’s no need to bring my lap top for presentations thanks to this app.

iOS only

4) iMovie (free with any new Apple device)

Any video taken with the iPad camera can be quickly exported to andiMovie-2.0-for-iOS-app-icon-small edited in iMovie. Basic templates and tools keep this video editor exceptionally intuitive and ideal for uploading favorite student performances to YouTube or other video hosting platforms.

iOS only

5) Piano Maestro (free for verified teachers and their students)

Piano Maestro appears on this list as well as last year’s because it mzl-hhqqeabm-175x175-75continues to morph into a sight-reading skill builder that many teachers don’t or won’t teach without. A number of method books are found in the app’s library as publishers like Alfred Music and various composers are seeing the success and student appeal of the app. In addition, what was once a subscription-based app that charged not only teachers but students to use it, is now free for all verified teachers and their students.

iPad only

To read the entire article, follow this link Clavier Companion's blog called The PianoMag blog.

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WAIT! Before you take off to read the rest of the list, here's a couple of things to keep in mind:

1) In case you are interested in learning about even more apps, visit my Music App Directory.iPad Revolution-Book-Comp-4 2

2) Wondering how to use apps in your studio? Check out my column in Clavier Companion called “Teaching with Apps.”

3) Need a resource to step you through a tech savvy studio remodel? Consider purchasing, The iPad Piano Teacher: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps, now distributed by Alfred Music and available at most music stores OR order your copy here and receive 20% off using this promo code: IPPS20SAVE

4) Stay tuned for a series of posts dedicated to JUST using the camera app on your device.