Instructions for Redeeming Your FREE Piano Mania Code

mzl.hhqqeabm.175x175-75You've been waiting for this and here it is.. a code for a free three-month subscription to Piano ManiaJoytunes  has generously made this offer good through February 16, 2014. Although they are not required, I'd greatly appreciate you following these stipulations before redeeming your code. Obviously I can't reinforce these so you are on the honor system. :-)

  1. Purchase The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps before February 1st, 11:59pm. Order your copy by clicking here.
  2. Make sure to LIKE The iPad Piano Studio and Joytunes Facebook Pages


As some have had questions about where to find the code and how to redeem it, here's the information you will need to get your free subscription up and running:

  • What: The free coupon code for is: 88PianoJT
  • Where: Click HERE to redeem.

To redeem the coupon code:

1) If you haven't created an account already then it should be an option after creating an account (see photo 1). Hint: click on the photo to enlarge.

photo 1

2) If you have created an account already then it is an option in the teacher/parent zone in the "account section" on the right hand side (see photo 2).

photo 2

3) Please email your questions to Marta at and she will  be happy to help you.

What's all the hype? If you are not familiar with Piano Mania, it's an app that offers an elaborate system for building reading skills that benefit both students and teachers. To learn more about it, read my review below OR click here for a full description.


Leila's Review of Piano Mania

Piano Mania: Free, with in-app purchases up to $49.99

Application Potential: 5/5

When learning is hidden behind the magic of game playing the result is progress. Considering the past projects of this award-winning app development team, the potential for Piano Mania and future apps is unprecedented.

What you may miss:

  • Customizable avatars for player profiles
  • Harmonic intervals and chords included within the tunes

Ability to Use with Ease: 5/5

As the Kaminko brothers-- the masterminds behind Piano Mania--take gaming strategies seriously and realize the need for an intuitive platform, even rookie players will find this app incredibly easy to use.

Assessment of Investment: 5/5

With new exercises and music including current pop hits added to the library on a monthly basis, this app is worth the investment towards enhanced, studio-wide reading and practice skills. Although some may prefer to avoid a prescription based app, this is the way of the future. Your subscription also keeps the app developers accountable to continual upgrades and excellent customer support.

Leila's Total Score: 15/15


iPad Revolution-Book-Comp-4 2

Wondering how to integrate the iPad into your lessons? Read my book The iPad Piano Studio. Order your copy here.