Taking Care of Business

Hello Fellow Readers, Teachers, Pianists, iDevice Enthusiasts, Improvisers, Music Lovers,

It continues to be a pleasure to keep up this blogging venture. At times I find it all-consuming (my husband would agree) but always in a good way.

As I continue in my first year of blogging--February 2013 will mark one year--I'd like to add a newsletter to 88pianokeys.me. I promise to deliver it only once a month. It will be filled with extra "key" elements to enhance your teaching, creativity or tech "savviness". A summary of blogs posted over the last month, a preview of upcoming blog articles and a past post dug up from the archives will be included. If you wish to sign up for the newsletter you need to click here. (Think I'll splurge and offer something fantastic to my 88th sign-up!)

In addition to the newsletter, your willingness to take the Creative Keyboard Camp survey would be greatly appreciated. Bradley Sowash and I have decided to design a summer camp and teacher workshop to develop creative keyboard skills beyond the printed page: lead sheets, chord charts, etc. We determined that this summer's camp would serve as a pilot program with intentions of launching more camps in the future.  At this point, we're asking only those who live in Colorado or those who would be willing to come to Colorado for the camp to participate. However, if interested but too far away to attend, please post a comment and let us know.

Your continued loyalty to 88pianokeys.me keeps me propelled to post. At some point it would be nice to put a face, a smile, a handshake and a conversation with your name. Perhaps someday. Are you headed to the MTNA National Conference 2013 in Anaheim? I will be and would enjoy meeting you there!

Musically Yours,