10 reasons why to teach Baroque music AND attend our next 88 Creative Keys webinar


#10 Baroque music sets the foundation for centuries of music to follow. Webinar: Connect your students to the great composers of this legendary style with engaging activities and repertoire.

#9 Baroque music is energetic and action-packed.

Webinar: Gather a wide selection of appealing, dramatic, student-saver pieces.

#8 Baroque music easily crosses over to different keyboards.

Webinar: Experiment with different voices on your digital piano that will immediately engage students.

#7 Baroque music can be intimidating.

Webinar: Learn a comprehensive approach that simplifies the complex by simultaneously combining analysis, playing by ear, rote learning and reading.

#6 Baroque music can be demanding and requires top-notch practice strategies.

Webinar: Add brilliant, time-saving ideas to your curriculum that guarantee progress between lessons.

#5 Baroque sheet music is available in so many resources that it can be hard to find the ideal repertoire and up-to-date editions.

Webinar: Receive recommendations for the TOP, carefully-sequenced editions.

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#4 Baroque music is full of patterns that challenge and yet, feel good beneath the fingers.

Webinar: Learn how to identify and extract patterns to build memorization skills and inspire creativity.

#3 Baroque music can be lengthy.

Webinar: See how to break up literature into sections to save precious lesson time, ease students' practice load and maximize memory capacity.

#2 Baroque music is based on improvisation.

Webinar: Integrate more creativity in your studio with expert tips on creating within the repertoire and beyond the page.

# 1 Baroque music includes THE most popular chord progression of all time: Pachelbel's Canon.

Webinar: Put all the chord knowledge you learned from our last webinar (Chords at Work and Play) and immerse your students in this progression. In THIS webinar see exactly how to easily teach improvisation with Pachelbel's canon.

SO many teachers find it hard to "fit it all in!"

This webinar shows you how to combine the essential lesson elements into one, comprehensive approach.


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on Monday, November 13, 9:00am EST.

If you are wondering...

Is it worth attending the webinar if I already purchased Go Baroque?

Yes! This webinar directly supports the activities and repertoire in the Go Baroque resource.

Do I need to purchase Go Baroque to benefit from the webinar?

No! Both are independent of each other and one will amplify the other. Learn more here.