How piano teachers can leverage Instagram


Although you call yourself a piano teacher, there’s so much more to your job than teaching piano. You may know how to effectively explain concepts like a major scale, choose dazzling repertoire and host a jaw-dropping recital but…

Do you know the best ways to market your studio beyond student family referrals?

Do you know how to leverage tools like a website, Facebook and Instagram to help you attract new students?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the social media platforms?

Besides being the CEO, admin assistant and custodian (?), most likely you hold the title “Chief Marketer” of your studio, too.

In all my years of education, never once have I taken or was I encouraged to take a marketing or digital marketing course so I’ve been learning slowly by trial and error.

How ’bout you?


Why this post?

As my passion for teaching, blogging, fresh resources, online consultations, webinars and workshops continue, so does my desire to figure out how to get the word out!

That’s why I’m really fascinated to learn more about marketing and adore using a new term like “leverage” in a sentence and even a blog title–it’s the small things! 

In the marketing world, “leverage” is a common term and it means to use something to maximum advantage. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned about leveraging Instagram.

So why do I claim to know anything about Instagram?

What I know about Instagram is all thanks to my friendship and conversation with marketing guru, Audra. She heard my plea for Instagram support and recognized that this Gen Xer needed some guidance from a millennial!

Turns out that through her own personal trials and errors, Audra has come to be an Instagram expert and has developed an online course for small business owners which is ideal for piano teachers, too!

Why Instagram?

Instagram qualifies as one more digital distraction, but…Instagram also boasts the highest audience engagement compared to any other social media platform.

Why is that important? Because, if you are looking for piano students, their parents–mostly millennials–could be looking for YOU on Instagram.

Good friend, millennial mom of 3 and Instagram expert, Audra.

Now that you see the value of Instagram, you may be asking…


How does it work?

How is it different from Facebook?

Why are hashtags important?

How do you setup an Instagram account?

How can it be used to promote my studio?

I got answers to a number of these burning questions from Audra as she’s been my private tutor over the past couple of months. I’m  so excited about what I’ve been learning from her that she graciously accepted my invitation for a video interview so that YOU can learn from her, too!

BTW, make sure to sign up for her free download of hashtags for piano teachers and then hear why those hashtags are important in the interview video below.

If you really want to boost your studio business with Instagram, then sign up for Audra’s Instagram for MLM Success course. She KNOWS the inside scoop on all things Instagram and can develop your marketing skills at the same time. I’m working my way through it and have learned SO much! Good news–her comprehensive course is available for a lifetime so you can watch it over and over.

BONUS: Audra is offering a $30 off coupon for 88PK followers! Jus use the coupon code PIANO.

Watch the video below to get your feet wet with Instagram and then follow this link to learn more about Audra’s online course.

When you’re ready to dive in, then don’t forget to enter the special discount code: PIANO.


Here’s to  leveraging (or maximizing) Instagram to boost the good news about your studio!

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