Grand "Re-Opening" of the Viss Piano Studio!

In two weeks my piano studio has been emptied, demolished, reconstructed, and put back together--as of 7:30pm Saturday. My goal was to enjoy Easter Sunday, and I have--Rejoice!

As the studio sees many kiddos each day, houses a great deal of tech tools AND books, my goal was to find a balance between functionality, organization, kid-friendliness and warmth. Thanks to my friend Melissa who is a paint color expert, the perfect blue and white was found to offset the lime green chairs I fell in love with from Container Store and Ikea. Thankfully, I live close to those stores and of course Home Depot as MANY trips were made

. A big thank you to my piano student, Brian, who is also a general contractor. He was so sensitive to what I needed and got it done in time! Here he is with his friend--the bride of the wedding he just played for last weekend. (He started lessons last November!). He sets his sights ridiculously high but seems to meet them. Don't tell him I put this picture in the blog.

Can't tell you enough how spoiled I feel! A very fine craftsmen built customized "drawers' for the keyboards so the students can enjoy MIDI games.

I was not planning to do the bathroom so glad I did. It holds a double function--water closet and book closet!

Some favorite new additions: a dry erase board with staves--not cheap! A table for students to complete written work and a great meeting place for group lessons instead of my old card table. Can't say enough about the bungee chairs at the desk--they are so comfy. And, the wall-long counter is something to behold--ahhh...Also, so thankful I thought of adding a ceiling fan along with the new ceiling canned lights. Wouldn't you know, TJ Maxx just happened to have this wall pic that HAD to be included!

Not sure if anyone followed this journey but I must say, I will make sure to do this "blogging again when the next remodel occurs. It was a great way to keep track of the old and new, the feelings of frustration to elation. Our kitchen is in the future but NOT soon!