Need Help with Integrating Technology into Lessons?


This is so exciting! I can't stop thinking about all the ideas you shared and probably won't be able to fall asleep tonight :)

When's the last time you said that about your plans for your music studio? Is is time to refresh, reboot?  Do you attend a conference or webinar on fire about integrating technology into your studio and then return home paralyzed with fear and uncertainties on how to meet your specific needs?  With the overload of tech-savvy options, are you overwhelmed with which tools are best for you? Are you hoping to expand your studio and set it apart?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out the resources listed below and also consider making a small investment to customize a tech-savvy plan to suit your studio. In a personal, online consultation with me (Leila), I'll help you jumpstart your future ambitions with specific advice, encouragement and workable solutions geared directly to YOUR needs--not a room full of fellow teachers.

Learn more about how a personal consultation works below.  First, I've listed some resources that you'll want to know about it. Read on...

Free Downloads

Over the past month, I've offered a number of free downloads in various posts. Infour2 case you missed them, I've started a page that lists all the freebies available at

I hope you find them useful and I'm eager to hear how you implement these ideas in your studio.

Once you enter your email address, you'll be directed to a page with a link to the download. Click on the link and then find a place to store the download so you can access it when needed. Storage place ideas: Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive.

Follow THIS link for all the free downloads.

Music App Directory

Here's a growing compilation of music apps. They are organized according to how they can be used in your studio. Because the selection is so large, I like to create lists of my favorites so start with those first and then move to specific categories if you are searching for a particular app.

Follow THIS Link for the directory.

Get Inspired! Episodes

We all know that stickers, charts, music money, trophies, perhaps even competitions(?) can motivate students to progress but these “tactics” are just that, extrinsic motivators to get your students to do what YOU want.

Why not find more ways to trigger intrinsic motivation so that your students achieve and move forward just because THEY want to.

With the availability of marvelous videos at  YouTube,  I've crafted collections of videos (12 episodes so far) that promise to engage pianists of all ages.

My Get Inspired! Episodes offered for free here at are a perfect way for you to begin integrating technology, take advantage of YouTube and inspire your students.

Follow THIS Link for a complete listing of all the episodes.

Piano Teacher Webinar

Tracy Selle put together a unique webinar packed with interviews of teachers thatwebinarlogosquare one attendee described as the best "inservice" she ever attended. I agree that hearing how fellow colleagues run their studios, approach marketing and integrate technology is fascinating. I call it Netflix for Piano Teachers.

In the next couple of months you'll be noticing new posts about my fresh approach to what I used to call Music Tech Time. My interview with Tracy for her webinar series helped me solidify my thoughts. I realized that the 15-30 minute portion added to each of my lessons is misnamed and should be called Off Bench Time. I believe you will find my interviews with Tracy enlightening and help you realize that YOU can incorporate this format into your lessons even with limited space, time, and budget and increase your income.

Don't forget: I offer an extensive handout about how to begin Off Bench Time with my interviews that you will want to download!

To learn more details about the unique webinar: Follow THIS link.

To register: Follow THIS link.

The iPad Piano StudioiPad Revolution-Book-Comp-4 2

If you don't know own it yet, here's your reminder to pick up a copy of The iPad Piano Studio book here or at your local music dealer as Alfred Music now distributes the book I self-published in 2013.

Understanding Intervals

Interested in offering your students an interactive tutorial about intervals? Here leila3dyou go. This is my first e-book that I wrote for my students. You will need to open this FREE interactive book in your iBooks app on your iOS device.

Personal Consultation

Are you realizing that integrating technology into your studioneed help will set you apart, enhance your teaching, attract more students and increase your income but, you just don't know where to begin? Perhaps you've attended one of my presentations? Listened to my interviews? I tend to get a little excited about the iPad, apps and Off Bench Time. Perhaps my passion for savvy, creative piano lessons has rubbed off on you but it feels overwhelming?

Every studio situation is unique and implementing a customized, tech-savvy curriculum cannot be adequately acquired just by reading a blog post, listening to a webinar or presentation. That's why I'm offering personal online consultations. How does it work?

  • Contact me at
  • You and I agree on a time for us to meet using Facetime or Skype.
  • You send me a list of questions, concerns--whatever you want to discuss--during our 60-minute session.
  • I prepare answers prior to our meeting.
  • An invoice of $60 is emailed to you prior to the meeting. Credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted.
  • Full payment is due prior to the meeting.
  • We meet at our designated time and I take ample notes.
  • These notes are emailed to you after our meeting.

BONUS: with every consultation, I'm ready to help you spark your students' musical imaginations. You know I'm big on creativity. In addition, I love talking pedagogy. And one more thing, I've got some great connections in the world of piano teaching...I could help you with your networking, too.

Here's what Marie from Nevada wrote after our consultation time:

This is so exciting! I can't stop thinking about all the ideas you shared and probably won't be able to fall asleep tonight :) I appreciate you taking the time to make notes for me to refer to, and your connections to other teachers will be invaluable.


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