More Music Apps to Add to the List

The iPad is here to stay and good thing as there are SO many apps to enjoy on this slick tool--I mean educational tool. As I attempt to keep track of the apps added to my account, I will occasionally post some of my newest favorites. Confession time, I've been on a search and found a good number. It is hard to select just a few. Will plan to write about even more next time.

Here's three worth your consideration. And the good news, they all carry an attractive price tag.

Dropbox--oh my. I have loved using this on my laptop and had no idea there was an iPad app until my Mom, a recent iPad owner, filled me in. What a wonderful tool to view documents, sheet music, pics, etc...

forScore: Need a folder to hold all your newly acquired digital or scanned music? Here's the app that offers page turns with ease and trims the size of your music library to 1.5 pounds (and so much more).

Need a new way to encourage mastering note names on the grand staff? Try NoteSwish. Oh my, just plain fun.

OK, one more. Check out Young Music Genius. This app was validated enthusiastically by students. It provides samples of various instruments and excepts of compositions of favorite composers. The listening alone delighted each student, the games are a bonus.