Group Lessons 101: Your Students Will Thank You


Does the idea of group lessons intimidate you? Are you looking for fresh ideas for summer lessons?

Are your students begging you to have a great camp like you did last year and your panicking because your idea tank is running on empty?

Are you curious how other teachers manage group instruction and run summer programs?

Then register now for Group Lessons 101. Use this code for 10% off--good until the end of March. After you register, make sure to return to this post and watch the exclusive webinar Tracy Selle agreed to share here at 88PianoKeys. It's jam packed with valuable information and will get you primed for jumping into the full course.



Want more info before you commit?

I've answered yes to all of those questions over my 25+ years of teaching. The very first summer camp I held was called Piano Olympics. I had few resources and I made things up as I went along. And although I still enjoy creating fresh ideas, in all honesty, I'm ready to steal some ideas from others. That's why I'm so interested in Group Lessons 101 produced by Tracy Selle with her co-host Sara Campbell.

Both Tracy and Sara have interesting situations. Tracy just moved to a new city where she is re-establishing herself as a piano teacher and Sara lives in a small community with a limited population. Both are in the trenches and find imaginative ways to make their studios blossom. This makes their content even more heartfelt and authentic and ultimately more helpful to all of us fellow teachers in the trenches!

Their Group Lessons 101 course doesn't just feature the two of them. You'll hear 7 successful teachers discussif your dream only includes you-2

  • How to Run Your FIRST Group Lesson or Camp.
  • How to Guarantee a Great Student Turnout.
  • Using Technology in Group Lessons.
  • Group Activities that will WOW your Students.
  • Teaching Multi-Age Group Lessons.
  • How to Design your Own Camps.
  • How to Organize Group Lessons Without Feeling Overwhelmed.

What's really cool? Marie Lee, who was featured in a past 88pianokeys post, is one of the teachers in the workshop. I can't wait to hear about how she has moved her studio into a new space and is working hard to attract more students with creative options.

Ready now?  The content of this course will long outlast any decent pair of shoes around the same price. Use this coupon code for 10% off until the end of March.



Still not sure about committing?

Tracy and Sara offered a free webinar to launch their registration. The content in this webinar alone was packed with information.

Group Lesson Tips:

  • Keep it fun.
  • Balance the experience with communication, theory  and fun.
  • Engage in the now.
  • Teach more for less.
  • Learn ways to work around your busy schedule and still add group lessons.

Marketing Tips:

  • Think outside your schedule box and tap into new audiences.
  • Stop making your waiting list wait around for lessons.

Expansion Tips:

  • Learn how to transition your studio from your home to a new, bigger location.
  • Hear tips on how to attract home-schooled and cyber-schooled piano students.

The freebie webinar was worth its weight in gold and they didn't even begin to touch on all the interviews, advice, lesson plans, editable PDF's, forms to use, coupons, etc. they promised to deliver in their upcoming Group Lessons 101.

Good news! Tracy has generously let me include the link to the free webinar here. Click on the play button to watch it. You really don't want to miss it.


Are you ready now? Why not get a jumpstart on your summer plans with the help of this course? Don't forget to use the special coupon code below.





PS: If you can't make it to the MTNA conference in April (like me) you might want to plan your own pajama conference. Read more about it here.