Go Baroque with These Timely Resources

After surveying my studio shelves for Baroque resources, here's what I've gathered from years of attending conferences, shopping online and following recommendations of fellow teachers. IMG_3464 (1) Before you read further, I happened upon a  Clavier Companion article written years ago by Karen Koch of Music Educators Market Place. I owe my studio incentive program Baroque Bash in part to Karen's over-arching, multi-media approach to teaching Music History that I discovered years ago. Read it here.

Not sure if and when I'll use them all (I didn't even include everything I could in the paragraphs below!) but thought you might find these resources stimulating for your studio's Baroque Bash. If there's one to add to the list, please let me know in the comment section. Glaring omission: Piano Explorer Magazines!

1) Among other favorite collections, most repertoire will be GP450selected from Keith Snell's publications as they include a number of "accessible" tunes for early beginners and a vast array of pieces growing in difficulty. FYI: I'm committed to the idea that everyone play a piece that was composed during the Baroque period, not a piece that sounds as if it was. Note: the link connects you to Kjos Publications. These books can be purchased at various online sites and your local music dealer. 

Essential Repertoire 

Piano Repertoire: Baroque and Classical

2) Check out this resource for historical background and correct execution of ornaments.

Ornamentation: A Question and Answer Manual by Watts and Bigler

3) For a correct historical landscape, these books by Nancy Bachus are a must!

The Baroque Spirit Book 1

The Baroque Spirit Book 2

4) For general information about composers and style periods consider this series.

Meet the Great Composers series

Great Music and Musicians: An Overview of Music History Book 1

5) For in-depth coverage of Baroque performance practices, no one can outdo the legendary Maurice Hinson. Performance Practices in Baroque Keyboard Music Anthology and DVD.


6) For brief summaries of composers and their lives you'll love this novelty.

Fandex Family Filed Guides: Composers2200_l

7) This list wouldn't be complete without books to inspire improvisation. Here's some to consider:

Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians by Jeffrey Agrell

Improvisation at the Piano by Brian Chung

Pattern Play by Forrest Kinney

What's missing? All the apps and specific Music Tech Time assignments. Apps will be the next blog post. Specific Music Tech Time assignments will be made available exclusively through my newsletter. Sign up here if you haven't done so already and make sure emails from 88PianoKeys.me find their way into your inbox and not spam.

Remember, keep us posted on your Baroque Bash. Every time someone comments it gives all of us new ideas!