Get Inspired! Don't Miss Episode 5

YouTube has revolutionized the music world. With a couple of clicks, we can be transported to music and instruments of earlier times. With another click, we can travel back to the present and view the latest pop song video. Justin Bieber can thank the birth of YouTube for his rise in a remarkable career and fan base (understatement, I know). Budding musicians can find a performance of just about any piece to enhance their education and boost playing skills. All of this is so easily accessed and free (but not free from ads!). Episode 5 features two artists that found YouTube to be a vehicle for teaching, demonstrating and inspiring (and building a fan club, too). While one artist connects us to the history of today's piano, the other brings us to unique sites with today's piano .

The artists play on vastly different instruments and it's obvious--keyboards changed over the centuries. However, how we learn about these instruments and view performances has changed even more. Click here to find out why. (Episode 5)

FYI: Stay tuned for Episode 6, the last one of 2012. It will feature a gift idea for your hard-to-shop-for music-student families. More details coming soon!