Free Flight with Conference Registration? Yes!


If you are not a fan of booking flights, airplanes, rest stops, packing or lost luggage,Register-Now-Infographic2-837x1024 then is for you. allows you to remain in the safety and warmth of your own home, Lazy Boy and fuzzy house coat.

Especially if you can't leave due to family situations, finances and additional obligations, is perfect for you.

So, what is It's a webinar on steroids. It's an interactive cyber experience devoted to the art of teaching music in the 21st century. It's the kick-in-the-pants online convention featuring nationally known presenters you need smack dab in the middle of foggy February. Most importantly, it's a conference that comes to YOU. The flight is free because no flight is required! The biggest trip you'll make will be back to the coffee maker for more coffee.

Want to learn more about the numerous, not-to-miss presentations? Here's the brochure that provides all the details: MEC 2015 Brochure.

Yes, I'll be there and will be sharing how I inspired my entire studio to create original compositions with the help of a down-to-earth approach and of course, some apps, too.

This will be my second year participating at and I was highly impressed with the entire 2014 event.

Don't let the technology of it all scare you away. According to reliable sources, those who attended live last year made some dynamite cyber connections so if at all possible, make sure to attend the conference in real-time, February 4-7, 2015.

Good news, even if you can't attend during this time, on-demand videos of the entire event will be provided for viewing at your convenience.

Take advantage of the "free flight" and join me--I'd love to "see" you and talk with you there--at

Register here at and do so before January 10th to receive $20 off the fee with the code below.

Use this code to receive your $20 off: 88keys20


MEC Graphic for Leila