Do Simple Better


As teachers, it’s our job to make things clear. This often requires introducing new concepts by breaking them up into bite-sized nuggets that can be quickly understood. We must make the seemingly difficult appear simple. I recently stumbled upon this quote by Joe Maddon, the manager who led the Cubs to their first World Series title in over 100 years:

“Do simple better.”

It got me asking: what would Maddon’s challenge look like on the piano bench?

I came up with four examples of doing SIMPLE better and labelled them:

  • Expand then extract
  • Play then say
  • Explore then explain
  • Lead then let go

The video below (click here if you can't see it) expands on these four items. Read the article found here and then watch the video.

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I mention a number of teaching tools in the video so here are some links to them:

FYI: My cool t-shirt in the video is courtesy of Heather Nanney. Take a look at her blog here.

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I used these jars at a recent Piano Party for student families. I asked my parents and students to write down their wishes for their piano study in upcoming year and place them in the jars. It was like opening a gift every time I read each wish. You DEFINITELY should do this!

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