Creative Corner: Keys for Rookie Improvisers

Being creative at the keys is not always easy or obvious to some. It is often difficult to encourage those timid fingers as a teacher.

Continuing with the Creative Corner Series at 88pianokeys, Bradley Sowash offers some simple tips to empower anyone, yes even those who have NEVER stepped off the printed page before, to begin creating. The simplicity of Bradley's advice almost makes you think, wow, I should have thought of that!

Get Creative with Repeated Notes

 As a basis for improvisation, play this excerpt from Camptown Races as is or play chords in place of the written whole note roots in the left hand part.

Go back and improvise on Camptown Races by repeating some of the notes in the right hand melody. Experiment repeating different notes to find a variation you like. Also, try using repeat notes to embellish other melodies you know. It works on almost any tune.

Until next time, enjoy your creative music-making journey.

Here's a printalbe to use with your students. Get Creative with Repeated Notes


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