Kristin Yost Shares Her Favorite Apps

Kristin Yost: Executive Director of Centre of Musical Minds If you have purchased my book The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps you'll notice QR codes sprinkled throughout the chapters. When scanned, these codes will take you to a mobile site featuring a growing library of correlating videos (stay tuned, more to come shortly) and a blog. One might ask why I would  begin this blog when I already have one called, good grief, isn't one enough?

Little did I know how my fascination with the iPad would evolve into a book. However, a book seemed so permanent and technology is anything but. This concerned me enough to the point that I knew this book would need an ongoing companion. One that would offer support along the way for those seeking

  • help with a newly purchased iPad
  • the perfect app for...
  • innovative assignments for lab time
  • tools to enhance instruction
  • studio management assistance
  • and more.

Along with this concern of the temporary tendencies of technology was my observation that there is no one site that has all the answers to those issues listed above. There are numerous people who share glimpses of their use of technology at blogs, on Facebook, in magazines, but for the most part, there is no stopping place to load up with what you need for teaching with apps in your studio. I believe this site will fill that niche.

With such a lofty ambition, it would be silly of me to think I could have all the answers. Although  I may have some, it is my intention that those who have knowledge on this topic will intersect here--somewhat like a trading post or co-op.


The blog will offer columns such as:

The iPad Piano Teacher: A host for interviews with teachers around the globe who integrate the iPad providing a peek into their lessons and lifestyles.

One App At a Time: A venue for reviewing apps and explaining how I specifically use them in my teaching, originally found at

App Spotlight: A stage for worthy app developers to showcase his/her latest app and explain the latest updates since the publication of the book.

iPad Hotline: A place to post a question and find the answer.

As you embark or continue on your iPad journey, stop by this mobile site to refuel and move forward. Here's a recent post from The iPad Piano Teacher column featuring internationally-recognized piano teacher and music biz guru, Kristin Yost. Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your tech-savvy side of your business!

There are so many teachers who have taken advantage of the iPad and its Image-4amazing apps and Kristin Yost is definitely one of them. She seems particularly fond of the ways the iPad helps her manage her life, her studio and her booming business.

Here's her brief bio:

Kristin Yost, NCTM, co-founded the Centre for Musical Minds with Dr. Sam Holland in 2008 where she serves as executive director and piano teaching faculty. Ms Yost holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and MM in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Southern Methodist University. A published author with twelve years of teaching experiences, she is an active presenter throughout the United States and Europe and continues to look for ways to keep music learning at the piano engaging, joyful, and an experience you won't want to miss.

Kristin, how long have you integrated the iPad into your teaching?

The first iPad didn't have much to offer me from a teaching standpoint, so I held off until the iPad2 came out, and was one of the first ones to purchasethat particular model. I don't even remember life without it...isn't that crazy? I've been in love ever since!

Did you use various technology tools before the iPad? If so, please explain.

I've always been a teacher who uses practical technology tools, so prior to purchasing an iPad, I used my Roland RM-700 regularly as well as GarageBand and some lesson book CD's. I tried to get into some of the other gadgets (and purchased many of the them!) but while they were cool, it was simply too much extra effort for me.

Currently, which app do you use the most?...

...To read the entire article please click here. You won't want to miss Kristin's list of go-to-apps.

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