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How to Spark Creativity with the Blues

The Blues is a versatile template in which attendees will learn how to spark student imaginations on almost any instrument and create original poetry, stories and/or songs. They will receive step-by-step instructions on how to guide first-time improvisers in the creative process with the aid of common words, colors and/or books. With apps like Book Creator and iReal Pro, attendees will get tips on how to publish their students’ original work with correlating illustrations, audio and video. All will receive first-hand experience creating a Blues and jamming on it with fellow colleagues.

From Overwhelmed to Organized: Putting Apps to Work for You

Although apps can be handy, the sheer volume of them can be overwhelming and apps can waste time if not used diligently. Attendees will witness top apps for teaching in action and learn how to organize and integrate them into music lesson plans. As they experience the featured apps, attendees will develop skills to assess each one. The delegates will discover how to use and reuse the provided assessment tool and be empowered to build a personal list of go-to apps that will serve them well now and in the future.

Pop Music: The Gateway to Creativity

Pop music is full of repetition and often the “same four chords.” Attendees will learn how this limited model can be a gateway for student improvisation and composition of all ages. Attendees will engage in dynamic activities that can help them help their students put music theory to work, lock into a groove and find their creative voice. Through the use of specific musical boundaries, delegates will learn how to develop creativity in their students and themselves as well. Attendees will leave equipped with tools, apps and resources to enhance student imaginations and production of original content.