A Free Yet Priceless Tip


Need a cheat sheet for improvisation? This tip below will save you in a pinch in your own playing and in your teaching. Nickel poster 2

Stay tuned for a future post featuring an inspiring testimonial by Kristi Negri. A fine teacher from Oregon, Kristi was steeped in a traditional approach to piano teaching but was looking to spread out her creative wings. Find out how she has transformed her studio!

"I was looking for something that would not only help me to have a concrete idea of what I need to change, but also, what I really needed was a clear idea of how to change." - Kristi Negri


Interested in building your creative skills and those of your students even more? Learn how you can do both this summer at the 88 Creative Keys Camp in Denver, Colorado. Balance your traditional skills at the keys with improvisation in a friendly, unique environment. I'll be there along with master improvisation teacher, Bradley Sowash. Would love to see YOU there. Registration opens March 1st.