Three Essential Vitamins to Fortify Your Piano Teaching

As piano teachers, we giveVitamins concept

  • advice
  • support
  • guidance
  • counseling
  • time
  • lesson plans
  • a listening ear
  • forgiveness for late payments
  • important information
  • accommodations for scheduling requests
  • appealing recitals
  • delicious refreshments
  • and SO much more

all on the behalf of our students and their families.

Yes, this is what we sign up for as a piano teacher and there's no doubt that we have a privileged job. Our profession allows us to walk alongside a small seed of musical interest and watch it grow into a budding musician.

Cultivating these tender roots and developing them into strong music makers takes numerous growing seasons requiring continual nourishment. Often we don't realize how much our constant gardening drains us of vital nutrients.

After the final spring recital, do you feel like an empty shell, relieved to be done with it and ready to drop? Although there is a satisfaction in knowing that we've given our all, this "saintly illusion" can easily lead to burn out. It's important to have supplements on hand to renew your energy, your mind and your soul.

Below are the three highly recommended supplements. If you can manage to add them all to your summer calendar, you will be well on your way to a well-nourished, well-balanced piano teacher.

 Vitamin A for ADVICE

Vitamin AIf your tank is on empty and you are looking to be filled, then consider attending NCKP 2015 (National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy). Back in 2000-something (wish I could remember the exact conference) when my three sons were out of diapers, I needed out of the house and escaped to Chicago. I NEVER looked back. I had doubted the direction of my profession but after my first NCKP I was on fire to teach piano thanks to sessions filled with wisdom, tips, support, inspiration and yes, advice.

Little did I know that attending my first NCKP would eventually lead to me chairing the Creative Pianist Track in 2015. I won't bore you with the long story of how this came about but I will tell you that if you are considering NCKP than make sure to attend the pre-conference and sign up for the Creative Pianist Track. With Forrest Kinney, Bradley Sowash and yours truly, Leila Viss, your creative cup will be overflowing with imaginative ideas for YOU and your studio at the keys and off the bench.

NCKP 2015's VITAMIN A sage ADVICE will AIM your professional path into exciting new ADVENTURES for you and your students.


SAVE! The Main Conference Registration will increase to $350 ($150 for students) on May 1 at 11:59pm central time, and to $375 ($175 for students) on June 14 at 11:59pm.


Vitamin B for BUSINESS

Vitamin B12Without good business sense, you will find yourself frustrated and your studio infected with issues. How many times have you learned the hard way by not having policies in place? Build up your immunity against late payments, a hefty tax bill, unexpected early student arrivals, miscommunication, disgruntled parents and more by signing up for Wendy Steven's upcoming Piano Business workshops.

Wendy's VITAMIN B common sense will BOOST your BUSINESS BEYOND your expectations.

SAVE! Here's a coupon for an additional $20 off of you purchase both workshops. After you add them both to your cart, enter this coupon code while on the View Cart page: BusinessSave20. This coupon expires May 1st, but use it on April 27th and 28th for the maximum amount of savings!


 Vitamin C for CREATIVITY

Vitamin CAs I continue to interact with teachers at conferences, online, at local piano festivals and over coffee cups, it's become apparent that many are looking to integrate more into their curriculum than teaching to please the next adjudicator.

Although mastering the notes on the page may satisfy the status quo, remaining loyal to the printed page tends to lead to under-nourished piano students. I know as I am the poster child for an imbalanced piano-playing past. I had never encountered a lead sheet until AFTER earning a Master's Degree. My past insecurities morphed into a passion called 88 Creative Keys, a camp that I co-founded with Bradley Sowash. I whole-heartedly believe that creativity is essential to the success of my instruction AND vitamin C for the soul. Listen to Bradley explain why creativity matters at a free webinar April 30th at 12 noon EST. Follow this link to sign up.

Perhaps you need to fortify your own creative skills or perhaps you need more tips on sparking creativity in your students? 88 Creative Keys will satisfy both of these needs and fill in the gaps of your present curriculum condition. There are tracks for teachers and pianists. Some teachers sign up for both tracks for a double dose of the dynamic, hands-on immersive experience.


88 Creative Keys' VITAMIN C will COMPLETE your supplementary needs to build a CREATIVE CURRICULUM.

SAVE! Register now and catch the early bird discount ($50 off) and if you bring a friend there’s another discount—$50 off. And, one deserving teacher will receive a full tuition waiver through our new "Deputy" Scholarship. Learn more on our registration page.


You may be wondering what it's like promoting all my favorite things? I can never decide what to wear! -Leila :-)