MTNA, Memphis and More

Hello, Loyal Readers. It was SO good to meet some of you in person this past week. I've been gallivanting for quite some time and my blogging has gone down the tubes. Before I return on my merry way to writing, I'm taking a moment to reflect with some pics and videos. To help those who attended my workshops in Memphis or the session at MTNA, below I've included the handout links if you haven't found them yet at

In Memphis at Amro Music

For the Memphis teachers at Amro Music (look at the crowd and this is AFTER some had left before the pic!) follow this link for both the JoyTunes workshop handout and my session handout. Excellent news! Here are the videos generously supplied by Amro Music of ALL the sessions.


Here's the playlist of ALL the sessions presented by Kristin Yost, Jennifer Eklund, Ellen Gonzales and yours truly.

Piano Maestro/JoyTunes Workshop

The iPad Piano Studio

In Las Vegas at MTNA 2015

For the MTNA 2015 session attendees, follow this link for the handout for Sparking Creativity with Today's Hottest Apps. I was stunned by the number of those interested in learning more about creativity and apps! A huge thank you to Lynda Lyback Robinson (composer and my fellow Cabi-clothes fan!) and Elaine Courtney for taking these photos during and after the session.


Coming home from MTNA you'd expect me to be bursting with notes and reactions to share about various sessions. Although I managed to squeeze in a few, I was working the JoyTunes booth, preparing for my session, visiting other exhibits, networking and of course chatting with friends I rarely get to see in person. This year, it felt little more like a trade show to me than a conference.

Top bloggers like Jennifer Foxx, Susan Paradis and Joy Morin were there (good to see them in person!) and I bet they'll be full of info about the MTNA sessions so visit their sites. Here's my list of memorable moments.

~Brand New Release!

Bradley Sowash introduced a long-time-in-the works improvisation method book for early level students called Creative Chords. This should be a required text for you and your students! Plus it's just plain fun.


~JoyTunes Booth, Showcase and Coffee

JoyTunes rocked the exhibit hall with their magnetic app Piano Maestro. Many new teachers signed on. Countless current teachers stopped by to say hi and sign Ms Becki's sweatshirt and collect their certificate. The showcase was packed with loyal fans and soon-to-be Piano Maestro teachers. I swiped some pics from the Facebook page--hope you don't mind!

~Connecting with Friends

The friends I met along the way of this recent expedition from Memphis to Las Vegas will not be forgotten. I'm so thankful that the world of piano teaching has been connected and made accessible through cyber space and social media and yet tangible through workshops and conferences. It's my opinion that both are needed to build lasting friendships.

~Celebrating the New MTNA President-Elect

It was officially announced that Scott McBride Smith was elected the President-Elect! As you may recall, he stopped by on his campaign trail to answer some timely questions. Click here for the article. I was invited to a special dinner and reception and even received a lovely kiss on the cheek by the always personable and humorous Dr. Smith. I failed to pose for a pic with him, but I do have some less than-great- quality-but packed-full-of-fun photos of the events. Kansas City, here I come. Can't wait, you gals were a blast!

~New Apps

Stay tuned as I discovered some great new, powerhouse apps and tech tools that I can't wait to explore. I'll make sure to share them with you ASAP. Names include Wolfie, Strike a Chord, Piano Marvel, Meludia, Musicopolis, SuperScore...

~Pinch Me

Alfred Music is now distributing The iPad Piano Studio, the book I authored and self-published with Tom Folenta. Apparently, Alfred's MTNA exhibit booth sold out of the book by Monday noon--hooray! I hold a mighty biased opinion but what this indicates to me is that owning an iPad is normal and teaching with the iPad will soon be the new normal.