Talking Creativity with Tim Topham


On my bucket list is a trip to Australia. TTTV005-06Although I didn't go there yet, I feel like I got a sneak peek thanks to a recent invitation to appear on Tim Topham TV! If you are still undecided about attending 88 Creative Keys or the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, NCKP 2015, Tim's podcast with me and Bradley Sowash could nudge you into attending at least one. If "podcast" sounds like a foreign word to you, no worries, a video of our chat with Tim is available as well. Access both the podcast and video here.

Tim's blog post featuring the podcast includes some great lists of why creativity is important and simple steps to spur creativity with your students. If you like apps, we talk about our favorite ones we use in camp.

In case you recognize the name but can't remember why, Tim Topham pianoflix1created Piano Flix, the TOP resource for teaching pop music. If you attend NCKP 2015, you'll get to meet Tim in person as he is one of the featured presenters!

For Aussie readers looking for a reason to visit Denver Colorado, Bradley and I are offering a $100 discount to any Australian resident who makes the trip to our 88 Creative Keys Camp. Just mention this on your registration and we'll sort it out for you. Would love to have you there!