Winner of Creative Chords by Sowash


Last week I posted an article entitled 10 Red-Hot Resources for Cool Summer Lessons. The post 5caught on like wild-fire! I hope your students experience cool summer lessons with the help of the inspirational resources. On the list was Bradley Sowash's brand new book Creative Chords. There is nothing quite like this series--the 2nd book will be released soon.  Order Book 1 here.

Bradley's Description of Creative Chords

"This is a book about how to play the piano your way. Whether you're a novice, intermediate hobbyist or classically trained pianist, this book can help you play the piano "off page" in ways you never dreamed possible.

How this series is different

By teaching reading and improvising side-by-side, Creative Chords balances the eye and the ear. Like other piano methods, you can expect to learn well-known tunes and delightful originals by reading written music. But Creative Chords takes learning to play the piano much farther by giving you the tools to “do your own thing.”

Learn to

  • Play familiar tunes both by reading and by ear.10841904_940743529292383_6423386253392014551_o
  • Personalize melodies and improvise variations.
  • Interpret pop/jazz chord symbols.
  • Apply stock accompaniments in a variety of styles.

Prior experience improvising or playing jazz, blues, or popular music styles is not necessary. Only basic reading skills are needed!

Includes access to the Interactive Practice System

  • Video lessons by the author demonstrating creative concepts
  • Backing tracks for practicing with rich instrumental accompaniments
  • Bonus Media including a Basic Theory Review, worksheets, and answer keys.

And, the winner is....

Bradley generously offered a giveaway to newsletter subscribers. Congratulations to  Leticia Lewis!  You won the drawing! Please contact me at so I can pass along your shipping address to Bradley.

Nuts! Didn't win? You can order your copy of Creative Chords, Book 1 here.

Stay tuned for my next post: 10 Brilliant Apps for Dazzling Summer Lessons!