Movie Theme Recital Package

Movie Theme Recital Package


Produce an Oscar-worthy recital!

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Themed Recital Package

Students and audiences alike love a themed recital. It’s exciting for students to learn and perform music that will contribute to a memorable recital. Parents appreciate the effort teachers make inspiring their kids to learn and perform. And audiences like nothing more than being entertained with fun music and attending an event that’s anything but ordinary.

As teachers, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into preparing students for a performance. There isn’t always enough time to create all the extra materials needed to take your theme to the next level.

This Themed Recital Package contains all the designs you need to create a memorable event:

Themed Invitation – this editable invitation is perfect for printing at home, or sending to your preferred printer. It allows you to add a greeting, date, address, time, and RSVP. There are four to a page, which will save you time and money.

Themed Table Tents – these versatile and editable table tents give you the opportunity to label your table snacks, or you can used them as compliment cards, thank you notes, or anything else you can think of. The fronts have room for two lines of text, and are folded to create 3.5”x2” cards. There are four to a page.

Themed Water Bottle Wraps – turn an ordinary bottle of water into something extra special with these wraps. Simply add your two lines of text, and print five to a page.  They will easily tape around water bottles. If you prefer to print to an Avery label, there is a single graphic included to use with their online template.

Themed Sign – this 8.5”x11”fun sign can easily be edited with up to six lines of text, and used for just about anything you can think of. Put it in a frame and use it on a table, tack it to a door, turn it into a binder cover, the possibilities are endless!

Student Praise – want to add a few words of praise for each student in your program? This handy resource will help you create a meaningful statement for each of your students that parents and students will appreciate.

In addition, the package includes a corresponding coloring page!

-Andrea West

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