“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” with “Pavane” by Faure´[Studio License]

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” with “Pavane” by Faure´[Studio License]


This elegant setting is ideal for late intermediate pianists and/or busy church pianists looking for an accessible yet interesting for the Advent season.

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This unique mix came about because I wanted to write an arrangement of the haunting “Pavane” melody but didn’t know what direction to go with it. Connecting it to one of my favorite Advent hymns just happened one afternoon and things clicked into place.

The Veni Emmanuel tune is traced back to a Franciscan processional as part of a 15th century Requiem Mass. A pavane is a slow processional dance common during the Renaissance. Although I was not aware of these facts when I began creating this setting, it’s no surprise, that the two melodies complement each other!

Gabriel Faure´ wrote his elegant “Pavane” in 1857, and composed it first for piano and later for orchestra and chorus and a ballet.

This setting is geared towards late intermediate-level players and would be a fresh addition to a Christmas recital. As an intermediate player and strong reader himself, my husband confirmed that it’s leveled appropriately.

It’s also ideal for busy church pianists looking for something accessible yet interesting for the Advent season. Because of the well-defined sections and interludes, it’s easy to cut or lengthen the piece as needed.

It comes with a link to the video below and some performance tips, too!


This is a STUDIO license so you may make copies for your students but, please do not share copies with other teachers.

Please share this link with fellow teachers so their students can enjoy this piece, too.


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