How to Prep the Worship Team Pianist

How to Prep the Worship Team Pianist


A practical guide for preparing pianists to play in a worship team or any band.

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A practical approach to help answer the following…

  • How do I prep as a piano player for a service?

  • How do I prep for playing a keyboard or synthesizer?

  • How do I prep students to play in the worship genre?

  • How do I prep for this new dialect when my default is “Classical?”

Leila Viss and Drew Collins answer all these questions and many more with practical strategies, organized instructions in this exclusive resource. Drew and Leila will boost your confidence as a worship team pianist and help you prepare your students so they feel the same.


  • 15+ pages of advice and tips

  • 15+ notated samples and patterns

  • Dozens of links and resources for more help

  • Dozens of tips for interpreting chord charts with style

  • Studio license of a fresh piano solo setting of  “I Need Thee Every Hour”

  • and plenty of sage advice.

With your purchase, you have a STUDIO license which means you can share this resource with students in your studio but not outside of your studio.

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