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Off Bench and On Task

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Off-Bench Time formerly known as “Music Tech Time” or “lab time” in my studio, is a 15-30 minute session added to a private lesson.

Two students arrive together and while one works with me at the piano for 30 minutes, the other completes tasks on the computer, iPad, worksheets, theory books, or listening to repertoire. Virtually anything you can dream up that you’d like your students to complete that may not get done at home. Then the two students switch.

Advancing high school students spend 45 minutes with me and 15 minutes reviewing concepts with iPad app drills, listening to repertoire or completing theory worksheets.

With this format, you can charge more ($1 per lesson up to one-third of your what you charge per lesson) because you are offering longer lessons. In reality, your students are getting twice as much time with you but your parents will not be paying twice as much.

Find a “script” for selling this idea to your parents here.

To learn more about how this works and how to integrate Off-Bench Time into your own studio, schedule a personal consultation with me.  Also, secure your copy of The iPad Piano Studio which describes how to begin integrating the iPad into your teaching. Find it at your local music dealer or order it here.