Keeping Music Apps Organized on your iPad

Recently I posted a Directory of Music Apps that can direct you towards the "perfect" iPad app to fit your business or educational needs. However, I neglected to include how you can organize those apps on your iPad. Perhaps you know already, but when Todd Van Kekerix (thanks Todd!) showed me how while attending SMU-Piano Institute, I was elated and couldn't believe I hadn't organized my apps sooner! So here are the steps to "tidy-up"  your iPad:

  • Tap and hold on the icon of an app until it wiggles.
  • Drag that app with your fingertip over the top of another similar app. A file folder will be created and Apple will suggest a name for the folder.
  • To change the file title to a name you prefer, tap the X on the bar where the folder name appears and type in a new name.
  • Continue to tap and drag similar apps to that folder.
  • If you have an app on the second page but want to move it into a file folder on the first page of your iPad, tap and hold on the icon until it wiggles, then move it down to your main menu (where your mail, safari, photos icons live). Then swipe to the page where the desired folder appears and drag the wiggling icon to its new home.
  • To STOP the icons from wiggling, press your HOME button.

Happy house cleaning!

PS--the screen shots of featured on this blog were annotated with Skitch. Stay tuned for some great ideas for this app.