50 Ways Use Decide Now


From the popular board game called Life, to TV shows like Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right, to the Las Vegas casinos, our culture shows an infatuation with spinning wheels. We wait in suspense as a wheel of chance turns and stops and then we succumb to the power of its decision.

Taking this passion for leaving things up to chance to the piano studio can be a clever way to mix things up and create a sense of anticipation and fun. It can also trigger musical imaginations.

The iPad-friendly PDF showcases 50 ways to use an inexpensive app featuring a customizable spinning wheel called Decide Now. Offer your students a chance to spin before, during or after a lesson. You'll find that each wheel can add a fresh spin on your teaching just when things might seem routine.

Follow this link to purchase Decide Now NOW! Yes, there's an android version, too.