Leila Viss and 88 Creative Keys


Join like-minded teachers for unique online clinics and summer workshops presented by 88 Creative Keys.


 88 Creative Keys was founded by Bradley Sowash and Leila Viss to help classically-trained pianists play and teach more creatively. Using studio-tested teaching techniques and recent advances in teaching technology, we have been opening the door to “off page” creativity and “off bench” creative teaching in workshops and online clinics since 2013.


Participants benefit by learning through two different perspectives.


Leila Viss

is a classically-trained pianist, organist and innovative owner of a tech-savvy, creative-based piano studio who has also learned to arrange and improvise.


Bradley Sowash

is a jazz-trained creative pianist, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, author, composer, and educator specializing in improvisation who also speaks the language of traditional piano pedagogy.


Both Leila and Bradley are passionate about helping pianists to play and teach more creatively.