Top Apps of 2104

There are more apps than this that I’ve discovered over the past year but this list comprises the ones that rise to the top over and over and again as I integrate the iPad into my teaching. Links are included but prices are not as they fluctuate frequently. You’ll notice that certain apps appear under more than one category. Those are must-haves for sure! What will I add in 2015? Stay tuned.

Interested in learning more about how I use these apps in my teaching? Perhaps I’ll be in a location near you. Check out my schedule of appearances here.


AnyTune - slow down ANY tune in your iTunes library

Decide Now - tap here to learn more

Garage Band - watch this video to see an original sound track created by students in a group setting

iReal Pro - lead sheet generator, tap here to learn more

Notion - notation tool for composers

Orphion - sparks melodic imaginations

Early Theory

Bubble Tones - trains pitch discernment

Music For Little Mozarts - covers basics like high and low, up and down

Multi-Touch White Board -anything is more fun to draw when writing on an iPad white board, watch this

Piano Maestro - tap here to learn more

The Most Addicting Sheep Game - steady beat builder disguised in an addicting game

Advanced Theory

Better Ears - includes chord progression ear training

Good Ears Pro - compilation of Good Ears Scales, Chords and Melody

Octavian Basics - tap here to learn more

Right Note - a staple for building intervallic listening skills

Tenuto  - tap here to learn more


My First Classical Music App - read more about how I correlated this with YouTube videos here

Note Reading

FlashNote Derby - tap here to learn more

ForScore - tap here to learn more

Note Squish  - watch this video  for ideas in group lessons

SightRead Plus - tap here to learn more

Piano Maestro - tap here to learn more


Rhythm Cup Explorations  – watch this video to see it in action and use it with Evernote

Rhythm Lab - use with the Notability app–blog coming soon!

SuperMetronomeGrooveBox - I recommend this free version to students as a terrific groove-builder.


Camera – come’s free with your iPad, take full advantage of this terrific tool!

Decide Now - tap here to learn more

Get Inspired! at - click here for an episode directory

iMovie - here’s a sample of my movie making thanks to this easy-to-use app

YouTube – tap here  to view my channel


Dropbox - click here to learn more

Evernote - a warehouse to store all types of media–PDF’s, photos, web clippings and more

Notability -  tap here to learn more


HanonPlus - Hanon on the iPad!

iReal Pro - tap here to learn more

SightRead Plus tap here to learn more

Find more apps in the and the Music App Directory